Stainless steel, acid-resistant steel and heat-resistant steel

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Seamless Elbows

Seamless Elbows

What are the grades of stainless steel and their application?

Stainless steel has been extremely popular for many years in various sectors of the Polish and global industry. This market has proven to be resilient even to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It is estimated that the Polish stainless steel market will make up for the pandemic losses this year. What types of stainless steel are there? Which one is the most popular?

At the beginning, it is worth explaining - what is stainless steel. It is a group of steels that are resistant to corrosion by atmospheric agents or diluted acids. It obtains its unique properties by adding appropriate elements, such as chromium or nickel to the alloy. This material has been known for almost 100 years and with each decade it is gaining more and more popularity. Today it is widely used in construction, architecture, chemical, food and automotive industries.

Stainless steel in Poland is usually produced according to PN, EN, AISI or DIN standards. We can distinguish four main types of stainless steel. The most popular type of steel is austenitic steel, which accounts for nearly 70% of world production. The other types are ferritic steel, martensitic steel, duplex (ferritic-austenitic) steel. Each grade has unique properties and are intended for different uses an certain types of steel work better for specific products, such as: seamless stainless steel  tubes and hollow bars. Seamless stainless steel elbows, seamless stainless steel  tees, seamless stainless steel reducing tees, seamless stainless steel concentric reducers, stainless plate flanges, stainless weld-neck flanges or stainless blind flanges.

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