How to preserve and clean stainless steel?
How to preserve and clean stainles steel?

Stainless steel is a material which accompanies us almost every day. It is used for cutlery, crockery, housewares, household appliances, as well as fittings, bathroom accessories and sinks. Due to its universal character, steel is widely used in various fields of economy, which is why both the demand for and production of steel elements is growing every year.

When it comes to the anti-corrosive properties of stainless steel - it does not require regular and costly maintenance. However, if we want to enjoy its shiny gloss for years to come - it is worth learning how to take proper care of steel surfaces. How to do it?

What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a special type of steel, which exhibits unique physical and chemical properties. The passive, self-healing chromium oxide film, which forms on steel surfaces, makes the material resistant to corrosion caused by atmospheric agents or dissolved acids. This is due to the chemical reaction that takes place between the chromium molecules in the alloy and the oxygen in the air and water. The material is non-toxic and does not react with other substances. It can therefore be used in the kitchen...

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 Advantages of using stainless steel in the food industry
 Advantages of using stainless steel in the food industry

Although today stainless steel is used in almost all branches of Polish, European and even global industry - it is relatively one of the youngest materials in mass use. It was patented about 110 years ago by German engineers. It found its first application in the food industry - an Englishman Harry Brearley, the creator of the term "stainless steel" after discovering that it does not rust in contact with vinegar and lemon juice, decided to convince the knife manufacturer R. F. Mosley to the idea.

In the following decades the world's engineers found many other applications for steel, but it is still a material commonly used in the food industry. What is the phenomenon of this material?

What is food grade stainless steel?

Although stainless steel, as a group of corrosion-resistant steels, is fully approved for contact with food and drinking water, austenitic steel - the most popular grade of stainless steel - is most commonly used. However, it is important that the manufacturer of finished steel products apply to the National Institute of Hygiene to confirm that the article can be safely used in contact with food...

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