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Seamless tubes and hollow bars

Seamless tubes and hollow bars - what are they, and where are they used?

In 2020 alone, consumption of stainless steel tubes and hollow bars in Poland amounted to 62.5 thousand tonnes. Although these were welded tubes in 90% of cases, seamless tubes and hollow bars gain more and more popularity every year. Despite being more expensive than their welded counterparts, they are widely used due to their durability. What is worth knowing about them?

Although seamless tubes were invented in Germany in the last decade of the 19th century, it was only a few decades later that stainless steel was used in their production.

Seamless tubes are manufactured by the pilgrim rolling method. With the help of a specialized roller, the steel billet is elongated and then pierced or extruded. Later, the product is passed through another series of rolling mills to obtain precise diameters.

Seamless tubes and hollow bars - where is it worth to use them?

The use of seamless stainless tubes is very wide. The key to the success of the venture is the selection of the right type of tubes for our needs. Seamless tubes are mainly used for laying sewage and gas installations. They are also often used in the construction of structures in the mining and energy industries. Drilling holes, boilers, and elements of specialized machines are made using stainless steel seamless tubes. We can also witness the use of tubes in the aviation and automotive industries more and more often. Engineers find new applications for seamless tubes every year, no wonder the supply for them is constantly growing. If you need reliable, high-quality tubes, choosing seamless tubes is the best idea.

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